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Wedding Dress: Before/After

I knew that when I got married, I would walk down the isle in a vintage gown. Well, I didn’t end up walking down an isle, but I did wear the vintage gown of my dreams. I found it at a Goodwill in Virginia. Someone else was looking at the dress that I wanted and I prayed, hoping that she wouldn’t get my dress! As soon as she passed MY dress, I quickly snuck in and took it off of the rack.  She kept looking at me and the dress as if she was having second thoughts. I asked her if she wanted it and she said, “I am already married! I just love that dress!”. I was headed to the fitting room and she asked if she could see the dress on me. She helped me zip up my soon-to-be wedding dress and I handed her my business card. We hung out later that week and since then, she has become one of my closest friends. We both share a love for thrifting and I am so excited to see where our journey takes us!

Here is what happens when you take what one person gave away, invest a little money, find a great tailor and then head to Europe and elope!


I almost forgot to mention that the headpiece that I am wearing in the above pictures was handmade, by my thrifting buddy Julie and I, from the sleeves that were cut off from the gown! My groom’s handkerchief was also made out of the recycled sleeve.

As an Interior Stylist, it is my absolute joy to take something that has potential and make it FABULOUS! I ReStyle anything from weddings, photoshoots, interiors, your wardrobe and most importantly..YOU!

The new BreezeStyling website will be launched in about a week! I am so excited to share the new concept with you including an online BOUTIQUE where you can purchase some of the wonderful treasures that I find (and maybe even the wedding dress!)

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~Bre Chang


Let’s be honest. There is one reason why most people don’t elope and that reason is:


For some reason, most friends and family feel that, because you saved them money on not flying out to your wedding overseas, they should also save money on a gift. Well, that is just silly. But some people do still get you stuff  and send money 🙂 These are some of my gifts!! Such thoughtful people. Thanks!!

EuropeStyle: Mother/Son

This lady was by far my favourite. Her fur coat was the best that I saw too I bet it was made out of  kitten.  I am not sure if she knew that I was taking a picture of her or not, but she sure did smile for me. Her son was well dressed too, wearing a his little Moncler coat.  What a lovely mother/son combo. It looked like they were headed to Grandma’s house to open Christmas presents.

EuropeStyle: Gaston

I don’t even think I need a caption.

I saw this man walking in Florence. He is the real Gaston from Beauty & the Beast. This is the way to dress for comfort & look good. Thank you Italy for teaching your men how to dress!!

EuropeStyle: Venice,Italy. Furs

Furs. Furs. FURS!!

While honeymooning in Italy, I saw nothing but fur coats for the older women and puffy coats for the kids and men. I have never considered a fur before but as soon as I got back into the states, I headed to one of my favourite vintage shops and tried on fur coats. I didn’t buy one though, as I feel this look works best when sipping espresso at a stand in Venice next to a massive Baisilica. It seemed like every woman over the age of 50 was wearing an animal of their choice. The more vintage ladies over 70yrs old would walk arm & arm with their best gal friend, in the middle of the day while wearing a full lip and their favourite fur. So inspiring! I still might get a fur..

How do you feel about furs? Do you have one?

Italian children style

Look how precious little Italian kids are. I can’t even begin to tell you how stylish the children are in Italy. Perfectly tailored clothes, no sweat pants, hair done, darling accessories. You better believe I threw out a few things in my daughter’s closet when I got home. These were the cutest sisters that I have ever seen. Great job parents!!!

And so it begins..


I have been in France & Italy these past 9 days. The espresso/gelato was amazing, the fashion, just marvelous and the architecture was breathtaking. I promised my love that I wouldn’t blog during our trip so for the next week or so, you will get to experience what I saw while in Europe. I hope it inspires you to travel, get some clothes tailored and eat a bit better. I hope you had a most wonderful holiday!


MyStyle: Pants

I snagged these wonderful Pilcro and the Letterpress pants at the big 50% off sale at Anthropologie the other day. They were originally 98$, marked down to 60$ then with the sale they were 30$! I also grabbed a yellow pair…and some other things 🙂

I am going to wear them today as travel overseas with my fiancé!

I have no idea where we are going. All I know is that it is going to be chilly and I will need a passport! My guesses are either Japan, Italy or Taiwan.

I won’t be blogging till after the New Year since I will be out of the country. I hope you have a fun Christmas/New Year’s!

May 2012 be the best year yet!!!


Treasures: Desk

I found this awesome secretary a few weeks ago while thrifting with my favourite thrift buddy, Julie. It had a huge 30$ price tag on it when we were there but Julie said that the week before it was priced lower.

I went to the person in charge of pricing and told her about this. I also might have said something like, “Can I get it for 18$? It looks really OLD”.

The manager looked at me like I was a 10yr old and said, “Ummm. It is an ANTIQUE!”.

I stayed confident in my 18$ offer and she said, ’28$’. The next minute sounded like this:









’20 and I’ll buy more stuff’


Lesson learned: Stand firm when bartering…then buy more stuff. 🙂

So I got about 20 vintage wooden hangers for 2$.