Change your…Wardrobe

I am a firm believer that if you only have great things in your closet, then you will have a much higher probability of making a great fashion choice. As a stylist, I have seen such diversity when it comes to people’s closets. I have had clients with 25 pieces in their closet and on the other end, I had a client with about 700 pieces of clothing!! The person with the 700 was making some terrible terrible choices because she was overwhelmed at the amount of stuff that she had collected. If I had an entire case of trash bags, I could have taken care of her issue easily 🙂 I want my clients to value quality over quantity and great fit over the name brand or how great of a deal they got (So what if you got a  600$ Phillip Lim blazer for 200$ if it doesn’t fit!). The way we dress is our greatest form of non-verbal communication. What are you telling those around you today? 
An easy thing, or not so easy for some (I can make it easier), to do today to make a change is:
1. Get a few trash bags
2. Get a good drink
3. Put on some music
Now, If you get overwhelmed easily, then I recommend you take a small section at a time. Start with pants for example and try on every pair of pants. Purpose to get rid of some. Watch an episode of ‘Hoarders’ if you need that last little bit of motivation.  If you are like me though, you will empty your entire closet, throw everything on your bed, vacuum the empty closet, hang up some art, make something to eat and then try on everything. 
The purpose is to GET RID of that which you haven’t worn in a while, or that shirt that your grandma gave you that you never wear, or those Uggs or ill fitting ribbed turtlenecks, or…  Why do we hang on to so much crap in our life. We hang on to bad relationships, ill fitting clothes, old papers from college, letters from ex’s. This stuff is holding us back. Purge it! I promise you will feel good. Maybe not right away but eventually.  
Oh. And don’t you dare say, “But I can’t replace all of this stuff!”. Because you can’t. The plan is not to replace junk. You are going to invest in some great new pieces. You are changing your life. Change your thought process. 
This is the first step in what a client and I would go through. It is a difficult and emotional process. If it were easy, you wouldn’t have the junk in your closet now. Throw away the damaged stuff and the Uggs and take the rest to a thrift store.  
Don’t want to do this alone? Ready for a change? Here is my website. See you soon!
Changing Lives one Closet at a Time!

Change your…Money Pt II

This was my Nordstrom credit card. 
Cutting it up felt so great. I have a focus and a plan. Credit cards and debt are not in that plan. I am changing my life!  

“One definition of maturity is learning to delay pleasure. Children do what feels good; adults devise a plan and follow it!”-Dave Ramsey

What we wear to work:

This is my manager and I at work. We wore shorts with tights and boots. Her name is Fatema. She is great. Her shorts are Burberry. Mine are from H&M. Our blazers are from Nordstrom. 
Happy Tuesday!!

Co-workers caught on camera

Up top:
Down low:
So simple. So fabulous

Change your…Body

What did you eat for breakfast..Did you take any vitamins…Did you wear sunscreen….How much alcohol did you consume last weekend…How much water…Is fast food a daily ritual…Did you sweat from physical activity last week..When was the last time you had a piece of fruit..??? 
It is time to take control of our bodies. I know it is cold outside and it is so easy just to come home and eat half a pan of lasagna, a loaf of bread and a few cookies did I just tell on myself, but come the new year, its time to get that body back in shape for spring/summer. If you didn’t stuff your face over the holiday’s then I am afraid you missed your window of opportunity. Here are a few suggestions I have for a better body:
The most important meal of the day. Kick start your metabolism as early as you can. This does not mean a pop-tart. This means vegetables, eggs, nuts, fruit, oatmeal espresso! For my breakfast, I eat a 3 egg omelet with a potato, onions, rosemary (sometimes turkey bacon). It is a great source of energy and wakes up my metabolism.
*EAT all day! 
I don’t know how many times I have heard someone, at around noon, say they haven’t had anything to eat yet. This makes me sad and annoyed. I LOVE food and can’t imagine not eating till noon. can you neglect your body like that. We have to take care of our bodies. Give it the highest quality food you can afford and often. I eat at least 6 small meals a day plus snacks. I am always eating. I keep almonds in my pocket, sliced fruit in a baggie and a water bottle on hand. You just have to do it. Cut up an apple. Pack a lunch. Buy a Nalgene. No one else is going to do this for you unless your mom lives with you..or you have a healthy wife. 
*Take a vitamin or two
Most Americans don’t get the proper vitamins and minerals. I will refrain from my American diet tangent. Put the Fish oil, B12, Vit C, and calcium, or your multi-vitamin, in a place where you won’t forget, by the fridge or in the cabinet with your cups for example. Then. You have to actually open the bottle and consume it. I think that is the hardest part. Before I leave the house, I make a smoothie and put in it: an Emergen C pack, along with a few Vit C tabs, a cup of dark berries, a banana, Oj, honey and yogurt. Delicious and a great source of vitamins!
*Drink lots of water
I had a great talk with a lady who works for Dr. Perricone,
This woman was in her late 30’s and had the most beautiful skin I had ever seen she didn’t use botox. I asked her the secret and was expecting her to sell me one of her high end products. What did she tell me? The secret was drinking lots of water..and..
*Wear sunscreen
If you don’t want tons of wrinkles in your 40’s, then wear sunscreen in your twenties. If you don’t want more wrinkles in your 60’s then get serious about your skincare now. Spoiler alert**we are all getting older each day. Remember how it seemed like Y2K just happened? Well, that was 11 years ago. What habits did you change then that are effecting your today? Another 10 years are going to go by that fast. Why not have the best possible skin. I even get some SPF in my tinted moisturizer. Ask your dermatologist or your friend or google for what they recommend for YOUR complexion. All skin types are not created equal. Find out what is best for yours and take care of it. 
*A 6-pk looks way better outside of the stomach
I am shocked at how many people, who party every weekend, wonder why they have a belly. Guys and girls alike. Do you know how many calories are in a beer? Do you know how much you drink? That is the problem. Take a little inventory. It is not cool. Just makes you fat. I will choose 6pk abs over a 6pk of beer any day of the week. Get an ab wheel and use it properly. Get some accountability. A gut is so early 90’s. What’s hot now? Healthy bodies! 

Change your…Money

Dearest friends and people I have never met. Let’s get honest with ourselves. Why do we keep buying thing we don’t need and can’t afford. Just because the card swipes and doesn’t decline doesn’t mean we can afford it. How much money do you have in savings? How much debt do you have? Do you have a plan with where you put your money? Why are 70% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck? 
Well, last week I started taking these classes on financial peace. Here is the intro video:
 Learn more about him at:
It is time to take ownership over our finances. This is the year!! Get out of debt. Quit buying stuff you don’t need. Pay off your bills. Cut up those credit cards. I do not want to live like most Americans..broke. And I don’t think you do either. It is about doing the hard work now. Having accountability and making the Change (no pun intended)!

What the little one wore yesterday

Since it has been a few days without posting, I feel like I have to catch up. So here is what my little one wore yesterday. She said that she would continue her input to the blog only if you followed. She said that it was sad that her mom only had 15 followers and that she can’t stay on the blog if the numbers don’t increase. All you have to do is click the Follow button and but in your email info. Then you get emails when I post 🙂 And I will think that people actually read it. Thanks. Oh. Click on the pic to enlarge it.

Jacket-no clue
Skirt- H&M (they have THE cutest kids clothes)
Candy-Good & Plenty (Target)

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What I Wore to Work Today

I have had this shirt in my closet for quite some time. I have never worn it. Are there things in your closet that you haven’t worn? I bet you could find something. I challenge you to wear it…unless it is terrible, then it shouldn’t be in your closet. So either get rid of it..or wear it this week!

Shirt-Ralf Lauren Sport
Tie-Armani Collezioni
Belt-Calvin Klein
Happy Friday!!

Change is gonna come

Stop. Take a quick assessment of your life. Are the following things how you want them:

It is 2011 people. A year is going to go by so quickly and you either getting a bit better or a bit worse each day. There is no staying stagnant. Purpose this day to make a positive change. It can be a small one if you must but how about a complete life remodel..This week, I will let you know some great ways to make these changes. Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!

What the little one wore yesterday

click on the pic to enlarge it

I love this hodge-podge inspired look. Pair a great Elmo galosh with a monkey cropped pant, Gap v-neck and valentines day inspired jacket and there you have it. I love to see what this kid comes up with when I tell her to get dressed!

galosh-no clue
blunt bang and bob- your’s truly