For guys only:

 If you, like myself, just got the latest issue of GQ then I know you are pumped for spring. There are so many great things happening in menswear. I just wanted to highlight a few of my favorite things from the magazine. 
1. I am obsessed with the whole cardigan-tie-button down combo. So classy
2. Navy/Brown. Delicious. It doesn’t get much better than a tailored, flat front, 2 button, navy suit. And the Louis Vuitton duffel is H.O.T. (Although I am personally not a fan of the one with the LV plastered everywhere.)

3. If you are gonna rock that suit then it would be tragedy if you didn’t go ahead and add that coordinating pocket square. There are SO many cool ways to fold it so you can put your own spin on the look.

4. And lastly, you can’t trust a man that doesn’t have his shoes shined. It costs about 3$ at Nordstrom or you can do it yourself. Not only is the shine crucial but the sock. If I see another man wearing a suit and a white athletic sock…If you are in a conservative work environment then adding a pop of color in your sock is gonna add major points to your style game.

Have fun with it!

And please call/email me when you get confused. I am happy to help:


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One response to “For guys only:

  1. the shoes and the bag are GREAT!!

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