A year ago, if you were to ask me what my favorite mascara was, I would have, without question said Great Lash by Maybelline.
That is because I had yet to try Dior’s mascara. 
DiorShow is the most amazing mascara. It goes on perfectly with no clumps or smudging. With a 24$ price point, it is a bit higher than your 4$ Maybelline, but it is so worth the extra cash. What is your favorite mascara? 

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3 responses to “Mascara

  1. i always use great lash but i've heard seriously amazing things about this dior mascara so i just might have to try it out!

  2. I LOVE Dior. But seriously, $24 is insane. It does work, and Dior Black Out is pretty incomparable to anything else on the market, but it's way too much money to justify. Lash Blast by Cover Girl is IN.CRED.IB.LE. The one in the orange tube. It seriously makes your eyelashes long and thick and DRAMA! It's the closest I've come to Dior, and you can buy a 3 pack at Costco for like $15. I would highly recommend it!!

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