Change your…Body

What did you eat for breakfast..Did you take any vitamins…Did you wear sunscreen….How much alcohol did you consume last weekend…How much water…Is fast food a daily ritual…Did you sweat from physical activity last week..When was the last time you had a piece of fruit..??? 
It is time to take control of our bodies. I know it is cold outside and it is so easy just to come home and eat half a pan of lasagna, a loaf of bread and a few cookies did I just tell on myself, but come the new year, its time to get that body back in shape for spring/summer. If you didn’t stuff your face over the holiday’s then I am afraid you missed your window of opportunity. Here are a few suggestions I have for a better body:
The most important meal of the day. Kick start your metabolism as early as you can. This does not mean a pop-tart. This means vegetables, eggs, nuts, fruit, oatmeal espresso! For my breakfast, I eat a 3 egg omelet with a potato, onions, rosemary (sometimes turkey bacon). It is a great source of energy and wakes up my metabolism.
*EAT all day! 
I don’t know how many times I have heard someone, at around noon, say they haven’t had anything to eat yet. This makes me sad and annoyed. I LOVE food and can’t imagine not eating till noon. can you neglect your body like that. We have to take care of our bodies. Give it the highest quality food you can afford and often. I eat at least 6 small meals a day plus snacks. I am always eating. I keep almonds in my pocket, sliced fruit in a baggie and a water bottle on hand. You just have to do it. Cut up an apple. Pack a lunch. Buy a Nalgene. No one else is going to do this for you unless your mom lives with you..or you have a healthy wife. 
*Take a vitamin or two
Most Americans don’t get the proper vitamins and minerals. I will refrain from my American diet tangent. Put the Fish oil, B12, Vit C, and calcium, or your multi-vitamin, in a place where you won’t forget, by the fridge or in the cabinet with your cups for example. Then. You have to actually open the bottle and consume it. I think that is the hardest part. Before I leave the house, I make a smoothie and put in it: an Emergen C pack, along with a few Vit C tabs, a cup of dark berries, a banana, Oj, honey and yogurt. Delicious and a great source of vitamins!
*Drink lots of water
I had a great talk with a lady who works for Dr. Perricone,
This woman was in her late 30’s and had the most beautiful skin I had ever seen she didn’t use botox. I asked her the secret and was expecting her to sell me one of her high end products. What did she tell me? The secret was drinking lots of water..and..
*Wear sunscreen
If you don’t want tons of wrinkles in your 40’s, then wear sunscreen in your twenties. If you don’t want more wrinkles in your 60’s then get serious about your skincare now. Spoiler alert**we are all getting older each day. Remember how it seemed like Y2K just happened? Well, that was 11 years ago. What habits did you change then that are effecting your today? Another 10 years are going to go by that fast. Why not have the best possible skin. I even get some SPF in my tinted moisturizer. Ask your dermatologist or your friend or google for what they recommend for YOUR complexion. All skin types are not created equal. Find out what is best for yours and take care of it. 
*A 6-pk looks way better outside of the stomach
I am shocked at how many people, who party every weekend, wonder why they have a belly. Guys and girls alike. Do you know how many calories are in a beer? Do you know how much you drink? That is the problem. Take a little inventory. It is not cool. Just makes you fat. I will choose 6pk abs over a 6pk of beer any day of the week. Get an ab wheel and use it properly. Get some accountability. A gut is so early 90’s. What’s hot now? Healthy bodies! 

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