Change your…Wardrobe

I am a firm believer that if you only have great things in your closet, then you will have a much higher probability of making a great fashion choice. As a stylist, I have seen such diversity when it comes to people’s closets. I have had clients with 25 pieces in their closet and on the other end, I had a client with about 700 pieces of clothing!! The person with the 700 was making some terrible terrible choices because she was overwhelmed at the amount of stuff that she had collected. If I had an entire case of trash bags, I could have taken care of her issue easily 🙂 I want my clients to value quality over quantity and great fit over the name brand or how great of a deal they got (So what if you got a  600$ Phillip Lim blazer for 200$ if it doesn’t fit!). The way we dress is our greatest form of non-verbal communication. What are you telling those around you today? 
An easy thing, or not so easy for some (I can make it easier), to do today to make a change is:
1. Get a few trash bags
2. Get a good drink
3. Put on some music
Now, If you get overwhelmed easily, then I recommend you take a small section at a time. Start with pants for example and try on every pair of pants. Purpose to get rid of some. Watch an episode of ‘Hoarders’ if you need that last little bit of motivation.  If you are like me though, you will empty your entire closet, throw everything on your bed, vacuum the empty closet, hang up some art, make something to eat and then try on everything. 
The purpose is to GET RID of that which you haven’t worn in a while, or that shirt that your grandma gave you that you never wear, or those Uggs or ill fitting ribbed turtlenecks, or…  Why do we hang on to so much crap in our life. We hang on to bad relationships, ill fitting clothes, old papers from college, letters from ex’s. This stuff is holding us back. Purge it! I promise you will feel good. Maybe not right away but eventually.  
Oh. And don’t you dare say, “But I can’t replace all of this stuff!”. Because you can’t. The plan is not to replace junk. You are going to invest in some great new pieces. You are changing your life. Change your thought process. 
This is the first step in what a client and I would go through. It is a difficult and emotional process. If it were easy, you wouldn’t have the junk in your closet now. Throw away the damaged stuff and the Uggs and take the rest to a thrift store.  
Don’t want to do this alone? Ready for a change? Here is my website. See you soon!
Changing Lives one Closet at a Time!

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