My Style

I just love blazers I think it’s the D.C in me and I am a sucker for 
cut-off shorts it must be the Missouri in me. 

Here is the breakdown:
Steve Madden ~35$ ~refurbished from Nordstrom Rack

Designer Wrangler jeans cut~55$~Barney’s

Button down~1$~FUBU little boys~Thirfted
Blazer~3$~VanHusen little boys~Thrifted
Pocket Square~free~taken from a wedding thanks Welch’s

It’s my heart to help you look and feel great all while being smart with 
your wallet and thinking outside the box. 
Let me help you and your closet~I look forward to hearing from you!


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3 responses to “My Style

  1. tocatchathrift

    LOVE THIS OUTFIT! You look fabulous, fresh, and gorgeous!!

  2. Those SHOES!!!!!! DYING.Please come style me, you foxy woman, you!!!

  3. Beautiful! I love a blue blazer.

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