More Weekendspiration:

I  can’t wait to share the wedding gift idea that I have bee working on.

It will be done this week so stay tuned..



What a perfect weekend to get inspired for another project…

B is for Books

This is just a little space I created yesterday. 
The shelf was found, the books  were thrifted and luggage was 3$ at a thrift store.
The lovely letter B is from Anthropologie and was about 18$ (but I had a gift card from my birthday!)
Last but not least, the awesome square crate came straight from the Farmer’s Market (NO, I didn’t steal it, I bought it, from the sweet guys selling apples, for 5$…it wasn’t for sale…;) and is used to store magazines. 
I’m working on some great projects for BreezeStyling..which may or may not start doing interiors as well! Shhhh. 
Stay tuned..

Vintage Books

I absolutely love these little treasures I found a few 
weeks ago at a thrift store. 
Books were an additional 50% off that day so they cost me about 1.25$ a piece.
I love the pressed flowers that were found in some of the pages and the 
penciled in name of the previous owner.
I’ve used these books for a little project that I have been working on and will post 
those pics tomorrow.
Finding unique pieces ~ Transforming spaces & wardrobes ~ Spending tiny bits of money
This is what I love.
This is what I do.

Game time!

Which two items cost 5$ each and which two costs over 500$ combined?

My first blazer

Someone just got her first blazer!! This is such a BIG deal to me since the blazer is by 
far my favorite piece! We got this little black/white herringbone blazer for 
3$ at my favorite little thrift store!
She is pairing it with an H&M scarf and my long sleeve shirt 
(I have no clue why she was wearing my clothes).