Vintage Books

I absolutely love these little treasures I found a few 
weeks ago at a thrift store. 
Books were an additional 50% off that day so they cost me about 1.25$ a piece.
I love the pressed flowers that were found in some of the pages and the 
penciled in name of the previous owner.
I’ve used these books for a little project that I have been working on and will post 
those pics tomorrow.
Finding unique pieces ~ Transforming spaces & wardrobes ~ Spending tiny bits of money
This is what I love.
This is what I do.

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4 responses to “Vintage Books

  1. Ashley Burns

    Love this!! a couple of years ago i found twenty vintage books at a goodwill near my house. I got tons of psychology books (used to decorate my apaartment shared with my psych major roomie), some english and prose books to gift to my english student sister, and a 1927 print of Rudyard Kipling's Verse. WIN! Vintage books are amazing, for reconnecting to the past and for decor. Looking forward to seeing your project pictures!

  2. Bre

    @Ashley~ Sounds amazing!! I think they would make great gifts too. I'm thinking of giving the Photography book to one of my beloved photographers. I saw a really amazing idea at Anthropologie where they just used the bindings and made a lampshade..I can't imagine tearing up these treasures but maybe one day :)Thanks for the comment!

  3. I can’t believe you found pressed flowers in your books…I’ve been searching my local thrift stores for old books and am amazed what I’ve come up with for just a few dollars. I too love looking at the names inside…usually with an address of the owner. Just that tells a story…

    • I love the story behind it all too! I found an amazing piece of art and tried to contact the person who’s address was on the back to ask them why in the world they would have gotten rid of such a great piece! The number was, of course, no longer in service 🙂

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