B is for Books

This is just a little space I created yesterday. 
The shelf was found, the books  were thrifted and luggage was 3$ at a thrift store.
The lovely letter B is from Anthropologie and was about 18$ (but I had a gift card from my birthday!)
Last but not least, the awesome square crate came straight from the Farmer’s Market (NO, I didn’t steal it, I bought it, from the sweet guys selling apples, for 5$…it wasn’t for sale…;) and is used to store magazines. 
I’m working on some great projects for BreezeStyling..which may or may not start doing interiors as well! Shhhh. 
Stay tuned..

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4 responses to “B is for Books

  1. Love it!! Man, I wish we still lived in NOVA, we would have a blast brainstorming. I guess we have to do it virtually!!;)

  2. Shon Valdry

    You changed your layout?? I need to update my blogger dash, because I still have the former layout. Lookin’ good over here at the FittingRoom!!;)

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