In-law style

Last weekend, I was able to travel to the great state of Texas to meet my future in-laws.

I had the most wonderful time!

The picture to the left is of my in-laws on their honeymoon in Taiwan. How stylish were they! I wish they would have saved those clothes for us. The bracelet on the right is such a sweet gift. In Taiwanese culture, it is customary for the mother-in-law to give the new daughter-in-law a gift. The gold bracelet that she gave me was given to her by her mother-in-law when she got married!!!

I know.

Precious. You can shed a tear. I love it. I wear it all the time now as it goes wonderfully with the little gold mirror that my grandma got from Paris when she was a youngster.

How much better is a vintage treasure when it is passed down from your own family!

What treasures do you have from your family?


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