EuropeStyle: Venice,Italy. Furs

Furs. Furs. FURS!!

While honeymooning in Italy, I saw nothing but fur coats for the older women and puffy coats for the kids and men. I have never considered a fur before but as soon as I got back into the states, I headed to one of my favourite vintage shops and tried on fur coats. I didn’t buy one though, as I feel this look works best when sipping espresso at a stand in Venice next to a massive Baisilica. It seemed like every woman over the age of 50 was wearing an animal of their choice. The more vintage ladies over 70yrs old would walk arm & arm with their best gal friend, in the middle of the day while wearing a full lip and their favourite fur. So inspiring! I still might get a fur..

How do you feel about furs? Do you have one?


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One response to “EuropeStyle: Venice,Italy. Furs

  1. My mother in law just told me today that she was thinking about getting Hal and I furs for christmas but…she chickened out. I was like “TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!!!!!” Because I think furs are classy, beautiful, FUN and playful, yet mature. I love them. Go for it. We can wear furs together and walk arm in arm with full lips and espresso (mine will be decaf though).

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