Client #48 Before/After

This client of mine just loves her denim shirts. I think we threw away about 3 of them and I made her swear she would only wear one of the horrible ones for gardening purposes only (Yes, I bring out the Holy Bible and make my clients swear on it). I wanted to show you how to make your waist look tiny with just a little trick. If you already have a defined waist (I do not) then this trick just emphasizes that hour glass figure that is so attractive. If you are like myself and are waistless, then it does a great job of tricking the eye.


This is client wearing her belt and shirt like she normally would. Not the most flattering of options. 
Let’s untuck that shirt and raise a wider belt to the smallest part of her waist. Throw on a brown cardigan and not only do you look taller, you just increased your leg line by about 6 inches, but you have an easy weight loss! 
Enjoy the last few weeks of my website because it too is getting a serious makeover!

Before / After

I previously posted some pics of the vintage skirts that I got while in Kansas City. I wanted to show you an after pic. Just as a reminder, here is the before:

and here is the after:
With a little tailoring, a good camera and the right pieces, you can really transform a good find!

Before pics and Give-a-way!!

I purchased each of these skirts for a crazy, stupid, ridiculous amount while in Kansas City. My mom and I worked on them this week to make them a bit shorter. I bought a total of 11 different vintage skirts!! Almost all of them are wool and have a lining. The most I paid for one was 5$. Yes. That is right. Most of the skirts were 2$. They are well made and fabulous. 
and here is my favorite one:
This is the before. I will post some after pictures this week so stay tuned. Oh! I almost forgot. Why did you not click the follow button? I know who views my page 🙂 Just to be nice I will do a little give-a-way. Everyone who follows between now and Dec 1st will be put in a drawing to receive one of my favorite products! Thanks (Oh…and for those who are already following…don’t unfollow. I know who you are 🙂