EuropeStyle: Gaston

I don’t even think I need a caption.

I saw this man walking in Florence. He is the real Gaston from Beauty & the Beast. This is the way to dress for comfort & look good. Thank you Italy for teaching your men how to dress!!


What I wear running errands:

There is no excuse for looking like a bum just because you are running errands. Get up. Put on those comfortable jeans with an easy little wrap and a t-shirt. Comfortable shoes is a must so get a cute little leather loafer.

green wrap (with pockets)-BCBG
long sleeve t-shirt- Lucky Brand
jeans-Paige Denim
*The BCBG wrap cardigan is my favorite piece. I have it in 3 colors and it is just perfection. The price point on it is about 170$ but you can find them at Nordstrom Rack for around 60$ or at the BCBG outlet. I wear one almost everyday. Such a  versatile piece. Go get one!!