This whole outfit is thrifted (minus the crocks). 
I do not support Crocks except in the garden or on children 
just thought I would throw in that statement.

What the little one wore yesterday

I love when Bailey gets ready by herself. She is so cool and creative. This jacket is going to be a staple for the spring. I found it in Kansas City. The flowers on the pockets are stitched on. 
Jacket: Vintage
Favorite shoes and skirt: Thrifted
Tights: H&M

What is your spring staple? Don’t have one yet? Then let’s go shopping!
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What the little one wore yesterday

Since it has been a few days without posting, I feel like I have to catch up. So here is what my little one wore yesterday. She said that she would continue her input to the blog only if you followed. She said that it was sad that her mom only had 15 followers and that she can’t stay on the blog if the numbers don’t increase. All you have to do is click the Follow button and but in your email info. Then you get emails when I post 🙂 And I will think that people actually read it. Thanks. Oh. Click on the pic to enlarge it.

Jacket-no clue
Skirt- H&M (they have THE cutest kids clothes)
Candy-Good & Plenty (Target)

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What the little one wore yesterday

click on the pic to enlarge it

I love this hodge-podge inspired look. Pair a great Elmo galosh with a monkey cropped pant, Gap v-neck and valentines day inspired jacket and there you have it. I love to see what this kid comes up with when I tell her to get dressed!

galosh-no clue
blunt bang and bob- your’s truly