Change is gonna come

Stop. Take a quick assessment of your life. Are the following things how you want them:

It is 2011 people. A year is going to go by so quickly and you either getting a bit better or a bit worse each day. There is no staying stagnant. Purpose this day to make a positive change. It can be a small one if you must but how about a complete life remodel..This week, I will let you know some great ways to make these changes. Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!

Beautiful Life

I just love the story behind this picture. The story that is in my head about this picture, not the actually story of the photo shoot. She is a strong, confident,  successful woman who is in the fashion industry of some sort. Her and her husband live in a cool flat in London. Her beloved is on his way home from a long day at the office and she is wanting a hot meal ready for him when he walks in the door. He is bringing home the wine and bread and she has some sort of pasta dish in the oven. The sink is full of dishes, all the bills are paid and her and the mister have their own closet rooms. She loves food and fashion and family and he loves life and her.