Mango allergies are NOT stylish…

 For the most part, I come from a pretty healthy gene pool. The problems that do arise, however,  come from poor eating choices. My dad alone keeps the fast food industry going. 
My two brothers and I have got to be the most health conscious of the entire family tree. 
So why do we, when eating delicious, healthy mango, break out in red, itchy, swollen, exudating, crusty lips?
I think that if you eat a double cheeseburger, your throat should immediately become inflamed. Fever should spark up to 103 the instant a french fry hits the palate. Hands should break out in an itchy rash when a hand touches a 64oz sugary beverage. i really don’t wish these things would happen.  
So in my swollen lip crisis, I did some serious google searches and found some interesting facts.
Turns out that it is not a mango allergy at all.
Here is the scoop:
~In the skin of the mango there is a substance called urushiol. It is pronounced your-oo-she-all. This is the same substance that is in poision ivy and poison sumac
~Only about 15 percent of the population has an adverse reaction to this substance
~It is treated the same way you treat poison ivy I told my brother to drink Calamine lotion. I don’t recommend that to you but for my brother its okay. I have two of them
~Folks also recommend rubbing local honey on the rash (I tried this as well, just makes you sticky and shiny and attractive to insects
~Lasts at least a week and is ugly and makeup will not cover it up. 
Here is one link if you have ever had this problem. 
Read the comments, do more research, be carful when eating mango.
I would love to hear if you have ever had this problem. My hope is to bring awareness and empathy to my siblings and I as we walk around looking RIDICULOUS. 
I may start a non-profit….

The silent killer.