EuropeStyle: Gaston

I don’t even think I need a caption.

I saw this man walking in Florence. He is the real Gaston from Beauty & the Beast. This is the way to dress for comfort & look good. Thank you Italy for teaching your men how to dress!!


Cardigan & Yellow Nixon

His name is Hoon. He is from Korea. 


His name is Gilford. He is from Ghana. 


Kansas Construction Worker


Kansas City~Photographer~Hipster

Macedonia~Man Style

I saw this man walking by with these perfectly cuffed linen pants.
I was dying to know these questions:
Where are you from?
How much were those pants?
Where did you get them from?
Honestly, I was hoping that he got them from some great little shop on one of his travels. He got them at Tyson’s mall last season. His wife had him sit up so she could look at the tag in his pants to confirm that they were from H&M. He was so kind, had a lovely accent and looked so fly. 

Male Style


This is how to do it. 
I love it all. 
I want to know his style story though: how much that bag cost him, how long he has had that pocket square and where he found those pants. 
Do you ever wonder these things when you see someone with great style or just a great accessory?
I am working on a slight transformation of this blog. 
I want to know the stories. 
The style stories. 
Stay tuned…….

Boy shorts (For guys only)

photo from

Let’s just take a minute here and give thanks for what is happening on the runways this season. 
I don’t know about you, but year after year I am deeply grieved by how short women’s shorts are getting and how oversized (think Abercrombie khaki cargos with the strings hanging) and dingy the short options are for men.
Now. Don’t get me wrong. I do NOT want to see the hem go any higher than this. In fact, I don’t think that most guys could/should wear shorts THIS short. Things should be concealed and nothing should be hanging out guys. That is NOT okay. But let’s think about a shorter flat front short. Show some lower quad. It’s okay. 
No strings dangling from the sides, no cargo pockets, no awful khaki. Just a quality short in a great color.
Some of you might need to start doing some squats/lunges/waxing/tanning.
*I am not in full support of the deep v-cardigan without an undershirt UNLESS you actually look like this guy. 
I would love to help you guys shop for your spring/summer wardrobe! No more excuses fellas. Email/call for help (I know how much you like to shop)

Co-workers caught on camera

Up top:
Down low:
So simple. So fabulous