Change your…Money Pt II

This was my Nordstrom credit card. 
Cutting it up felt so great. I have a focus and a plan. Credit cards and debt are not in that plan. I am changing my life!  

“One definition of maturity is learning to delay pleasure. Children do what feels good; adults devise a plan and follow it!”-Dave Ramsey

Change your…Money

Dearest friends and people I have never met. Let’s get honest with ourselves. Why do we keep buying thing we don’t need and can’t afford. Just because the card swipes and doesn’t decline doesn’t mean we can afford it. How much money do you have in savings? How much debt do you have? Do you have a plan with where you put your money? Why are 70% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck? 
Well, last week I started taking these classes on financial peace. Here is the intro video:
 Learn more about him at:
It is time to take ownership over our finances. This is the year!! Get out of debt. Quit buying stuff you don’t need. Pay off your bills. Cut up those credit cards. I do not want to live like most Americans..broke. And I don’t think you do either. It is about doing the hard work now. Having accountability and making the Change (no pun intended)!