Feeling Blue

I am feeling blue today. I love doing the monochromatic thing with a slight pop of color (yellow heels!). Tailored blue jeans and a vintage hanky for a pocket square just make me smile. 
Yes, I said tailored blue jeans. 
No, they didn’t come that way. 
I recently had a conversation with a guy about the difficulties of jean shopping. Who knew that not only do women have a hard time but guys too! 
(What a relief.) 
I asked him if he got his pants tailored, and he, like most folks, gave me this bewildered look. 
Yes. You can get your jeans tailored. It is not weird. Every pair of pants that I own get tailored to some degree. I am not the tallest tree in the forest, so I almost always have to get them hemmed. 
I have a ‘weird’ shaped body (quads, no hips, small waist, a little bump in the back) so nothing fits off the rack. I almost  always have to get the waist taken in too.
I buy the jeans that fit my quads then get the waist taken in and Voila! A perfect pair of jeans. Some places, like Nordstrom, will even hem your pants for free! Just ask. 
Are you stuck in a fashion rut?
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Feel like there is no hope for your shape & size?
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