A year ago, if you were to ask me what my favorite mascara was, I would have, without question said Great Lash by Maybelline.
That is because I had yet to try Dior’s mascara. 
DiorShow is the most amazing mascara. It goes on perfectly with no clumps or smudging. With a 24$ price point, it is a bit higher than your 4$ Maybelline, but it is so worth the extra cash. What is your favorite mascara? 

What is that I smell??

It is that time of year to buy fabulous gifts for you loved ones. Why not get perfume/cologne. Luckily, I have to pleasure to sample a new perfume everyday of the week. I have two favorites for women and two for men. In order of my favorite, here are my top picks for women:

Micheal Kors Very Hollywood (I am wearing this right now. It is FABULOUS and about 60$)
Gucci Guilty. This is amazing. (74$ for small bottle)
The men must get one of the two following:
YSL Black…$)
Ferragamo Black. Delicious.(80$)

Moroccan Oil

Ever wonder why you can never get your hair to look the same as it does after you leave the salon. I bet that if you used the same high end products that your stylist uses, and technique,  you would achieve a similar result. I have lots of recommendations for flat irons, blow dryers, and hair care products but in this post I want to focus on hair care.  If you were to ask me what my absolute favorite hair product is, I would, without a doubt, tell you Moroccan Oil.  My dear friend and hairstylist Jean Jekal, from Erwin Gomez Salon in Georgetown, was the first person to introduce this product to my head. It leaves your hair healthy and shiny without looking greasy, cuts your blow drying time in half, is filled with Vitamin E, F and A, and smells AMAZING! It costs about 49.5$ and you can get it at most high end salons. You will be so glad you invested in this wonderful product. Have a happy Monday! 

Favorite Things

I wanted to share two of my most favorite products with you. Some years back, I had a good friend who worked for Kiehl’s and let me sample almost all of the products. Some were not so fabulous but there were plenty that were.

They have a “special” mens line (I think they just put it in blue packaging so guys will buy it) and I tried some of it just to see if the “mens” facial scrub was better than the “womens”.  As it turns out, the manly scrub is WAY better.  Exfoliating your skin is the key to having healthy looking skin (and so is not smoking, drinking lots of water, getting 7+ hours of sleep…). You can pick it up at the Kiehl’s store, Nordstrom or Saks.  Oh- and it has a great price point (17$ for a 3.4oz tube) for such a quality product. (Rub the scrub on your face for one minute while in the shower).

The second product, which happens to pair well with the first, is the “mens” moisturizer. This is the BEST moisturizer in town. Put it on after you get out of the shower and enjoy. It smells great and you can even get it with SPH. It lasts foever, as long as you use it properly and also has a great price point for the quality (25$ for a 2.5oz tube). Get it at Nordstrom too!

For the holidays, I know that Nordstom offers some great Kiehl’s gift bags with both of the products above. I have more favorite products to share, but these are a must have for the season!