Today’s pick

I thrifted this shirt the other day for 2$. I found it in the kids section so it was cheaper than the usual 4$ PLUS it was 25% off at Goodwill that day.The skirt was thrifted a few months ago for 4$ and the belt is from Calvin Klein.

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful Friday!!

Must-Have for Spring!!!

I am so excited about this great idea that I got from the girls at: To Catch a Thrift
so I headed out to my favorite thrift store here in Virginia and dug through the vintage, elastic waist band skirts.
I tried on about 10 and found two that were perfect. 
All you gotta do is hike it up and belt the thing. 
 Scarf: 1$ Vintage
Belt: .49 cents
Skirt: 5.99$ SalvationArmy

(The shoes & shades are from Nordstom so I guess that makes up for the thrifted pieces)
Add a cardigan and:
Life is good. 
Changing Lives One Closet at a Time!

Before / After

I previously posted some pics of the vintage skirts that I got while in Kansas City. I wanted to show you an after pic. Just as a reminder, here is the before:

and here is the after:
With a little tailoring, a good camera and the right pieces, you can really transform a good find!

What I’m Wearing Today

This is what I am rockin’ today for work:
1960’s vintage top
 Brown Calvin Klein belt
Blue vintage skirt (with pockets)(that I got tailored)
Chocolate brown tights 
Brown Born boots