Treasures: Desk

I found this awesome secretary a few weeks ago while thrifting with my favourite thrift buddy, Julie. It had a huge 30$ price tag on it when we were there but Julie said that the week before it was priced lower.

I went to the person in charge of pricing and told her about this. I also might have said something like, “Can I get it for 18$? It looks really OLD”.

The manager looked at me like I was a 10yr old and said, “Ummm. It is an ANTIQUE!”.

I stayed confident in my 18$ offer and she said, ’28$’. The next minute sounded like this:









’20 and I’ll buy more stuff’


Lesson learned: Stand firm when bartering…then buy more stuff. 🙂

So I got about 20 vintage wooden hangers for 2$.


Today’s pick

I thrifted this shirt the other day for 2$. I found it in the kids section so it was cheaper than the usual 4$ PLUS it was 25% off at Goodwill that day.The skirt was thrifted a few months ago for 4$ and the belt is from Calvin Klein.

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful Friday!!

Vintage Books

I absolutely love these little treasures I found a few 
weeks ago at a thrift store. 
Books were an additional 50% off that day so they cost me about 1.25$ a piece.
I love the pressed flowers that were found in some of the pages and the 
penciled in name of the previous owner.
I’ve used these books for a little project that I have been working on and will post 
those pics tomorrow.
Finding unique pieces ~ Transforming spaces & wardrobes ~ Spending tiny bits of money
This is what I love.
This is what I do.