Wedding dresses!

Here it is.

My white vintage gown that I thrifted about a month ago! It had a huge 75$ price tag at Goodwill. It is currently at the mercy of the cutest little Korean lady. I am getting the sleeves chopped off.

While in Texas, a few weeks ago, I picked up an awesome red gown. I am debating on which one to wear…maybe I will wear both!

Here is a snippet of the red one

It is much redder in real life. This red one cost me a whopping 7.99$! That is right. You can purchase a wedding dress for the same price as a meal at Chipotle.

So, what should I do? Wear both? Forget about the white one and just do the crazy red? HELP!!


What I found in a closet..

I was so fortunate to get to transform my last clients wardrobe. I just wanted to show you a few of the ‘wonderful’ pieces that I found in this persons closet:

Exhibit A:
 Not 1 but 2 cut off linen tops..
Exhibit B:
I don’t even know what caption to leave for this…
I would love to hear some feedback as to whether you think this client is male/female, age, job, lifestyle, etc….
We had a ton of fun going through the least I did ­čÖé We got rid of 7 huge bags of trash┬áclothing, about 80 wire hangers and of course the pieces seen above…wait..I let the pants stay for ‘costume purposes’ only! We had a great time shopping and got a TON of new stuff. More pics to follow!
For more info on how I change lives one closet at a time: