What I found in a closet..

I don’t even think I can put a caption to this. I can’t explain it. There are no excuses for this type of behavior. It has shoulder pads. I guess if you belt it and wear black tights and high tops with a head band you could be a backup dancer on ‘In Living Color’. But wait…..it is 2011. That show isn’t on anymore nor has it been on for about 20 years.  I love my clients and the material they give me for my blog posts!

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Does it get worse than UGGlie?

Could there be something worse than the UGG? The answer is yes and if I see one more Clydesdale walking around DC then I think I might just whip out my camera and put them on my blog. If you are doing this to yourself and those around you…then…STOP IT!!! Thanks.

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UGGlies/Booty Shorts. Why?

Has never ben more sick of this look. We are tormented with the UGGlies/tights combo by winter, and
bad cut offs by summer. 
Oh how I wish some people would just stop with all of this nonsense. I heard a dear friend today, we will call her A., tell me how ‘comfortable’ and ‘warm’ her UGGlies were. We do not live in Antarctica. My feet are plenty warm in my leather Born boots. There is no temperature that should elicit poor fashion choices like the above mentioned. Oh. There are 2 other girls that I see on a daily basis that strut around in these ‘comfortable’ shoes. We will call them F. and S. because these are the first initials of their names and I will get a picture of them soon. I will post it. They will be embarrassed. As they should be.

What I found in a closet..

I was so fortunate to get to transform my last clients wardrobe. I just wanted to show you a few of the ‘wonderful’ pieces that I found in this persons closet:

Exhibit A:
 Not 1 but 2 cut off linen tops..
Exhibit B:
I don’t even know what caption to leave for this…
I would love to hear some feedback as to whether you think this client is male/female, age, job, lifestyle, etc….
We had a ton of fun going through the closet..at least I did 🙂 We got rid of 7 huge bags of trash clothing, about 80 wire hangers and of course the pieces seen above…wait..I let the pants stay for ‘costume purposes’ only! We had a great time shopping and got a TON of new stuff. More pics to follow!
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PJ’s in public…

What a horrible start to a stylish 2011. This man was wearing sandals with socks AND flannel pj pants at around 7pm at Nordstrom. The time and location don’t really matter because these pieces, or any combination of the pieces should just stay at home. There are just no excuses for this type of behavior. 🙂