We love H&M for kids! The prices are amazing and the styles are just precious. Sizing runs a bit small as I suppose a European child is slightly smaller than the American version.

What is your favourite brand for children?


Wedding dresses!

Here it is.

My white vintage gown that I thrifted about a month ago! It had a huge 75$ price tag at Goodwill. It is currently at the mercy of the cutest little Korean lady. I am getting the sleeves chopped off.

While in Texas, a few weeks ago, I picked up an awesome red gown. I am debating on which one to wear…maybe I will wear both!

Here is a snippet of the red one

It is much redder in real life. This red one cost me a whopping 7.99$! That is right. You can purchase a wedding dress for the same price as a meal at Chipotle.

So, what should I do? Wear both? Forget about the white one and just do the crazy red? HELP!!

Today’s pick

I thrifted this shirt the other day for 2$. I found it in the kids section so it was cheaper than the usual 4$ PLUS it was 25% off at Goodwill that day.The skirt was thrifted a few months ago for 4$ and the belt is from Calvin Klein.

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful Friday!!

In-law style

Last weekend, I was able to travel to the great state of Texas to meet my future in-laws.

I had the most wonderful time!

The picture to the left is of my in-laws on their honeymoon in Taiwan. How stylish were they! I wish they would have saved those clothes for us. The bracelet on the right is such a sweet gift. In Taiwanese culture, it is customary for the mother-in-law to give the new daughter-in-law a gift. The gold bracelet that she gave me was given to her by her mother-in-law when she got married!!!

I know.

Precious. You can shed a tear. I love it. I wear it all the time now as it goes wonderfully with the little gold mirror that my grandma got from Paris when she was a youngster.

How much better is a vintage treasure when it is passed down from your own family!

What treasures do you have from your family?

Anthropologie Booties

I purchased these amazing booties today at Anthropologie here in Dallas, Texas. They are so stinking comfortable and were on some serious sale. Thank you Anthro for once again making my day!




Taking what you have, 

whether it be something 

old, worn, or unwanted

and giving







Idaho Wedding

{more pictures here}

             I got to be a part of the most cold & wonderful wedding

                  this month in the lovely McCall, Idaho.

             The hospitality was amazing, the bridal party was so

           much fun & I loved that it snowed during the whole ceremony.

                I got some great ideas for my own wedding!!

            p.s. I got engaged during the Idaho trip!!

On its way!!

I am so excited for everything that is in the works for BreezeStyling.

I have been working really hard, with the help of some

super creative friends, and am eagerly awaiting the launch of

the NEW BreezeStyling brand!

Things are coming into focus & it is going

to be just wonderful!

Wedding Gift!

I am really excited about his wedding gift that I have been working on.
I took one of my favorite pieces of vintage luggage and added
some wonderful things for the newlyweds.
I mean, let’s be honest..who really wants a silly picture frame or serving platter or some of the other ridiculous stuff you get when you get married.
Why not a pound of your favorite coffee beans (if they are coffee drinkers :), in a really cool canister, his & her mugs, the initial of their new last name and a few magazine subscriptions for their new home!
Just close the lid, tie a cute little luggage tag on the outside and
your gift will be the talk of the reception!
What do you think?!

How do you look at things?

This man speaks my language: